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Who is ConnexTrading

Who is ConnexTrading

ConnexTrading links up experience in Technology with Trade.
For more than 25 working years with commitment to provide a job of satisfaction in the services of engineering in the sector of chemical and petrochemical industry
ConnexTrading estimates to be a bridge between both coasts of Mediterranean Sea, between the Orient and Occident, between Africa and Europe.
We see ourselves as hyphen between Technology and Development.
We are concentrated on our duty the most important to offer products and to transfer necessary technology in the regions in process of development.
The base of this duty, is to get projects and to carry them out with the most modern techniques
For the expansion of our activities, we see the representation of industry, as one of the main tasks of our company.
Our objective is to be a representative, innovative and reliable partner, giving services of value to our customers.
With the years of experience in industry and our international relations, we are an ideal partner to represent the industrial producers
The consulting being one of the essential activities of ConnexTrading.
In effect, ConnexTrading is a multidisciplinary company having a network of consultants experienced in several fields.
ConnexTrading will put at your disposal his competences for the elaboration of studies in all sectors of economic activity. ConnexTrading will make it possible to your company to evolve in any serenity, by giving you in hand the keys of success of your project and by clarifying you on the variables of your environment.
Geographical coverage

  • • Tunisia
  • • Algeria
  • • Libya
  • • Emirates united Arabs
  • • The sultanate of Oman
  • • Germany

Working languages

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Arab

Staff The Employees are our most important asset. Thanks to continuing education, we make sure that most recent “Know how” in the concept of the projects is always guaranteed.
Our Goal We endeavor to maintain a professional level in every field of activities. Our approach is to provide “the best quality-price ratio” of the technical solutions adapted to the specific needs of our customers.