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Why invest in Tunisia

Tunisia is known in the world as being a haven of peace and an economic reference in Africa and in the Arab world.

Tunisia enjoys a very much promising picture to be one of the most opened and the most appropriate countries in foreign investment, thanks to the remarkably engaging measurements of instigations to investments.

The climate of investment in Tunisia is favorable. The foreign investors appreciate economic policies and social stability of the country, besides the geographical nearness of Europe. A Law of investment, since 01/01/1994 is in force, as well as other instruments of financing gives additional fiscal measurements.

The Tunisian Agency of promotion of the foreign investments draws attention particularly to the possibilities of investment in the domains of privatization, concessions, the international technological partnerships and a large range of sectors of (electricity, electronics, car industry, textile industry, leather, agrobusiness, the pharma-industry, the packaging, as well as of technologies of information and tourism).

In Tunisia, more than 2700 foreign companies or active partners, with 260.000 employees. 85 % of these companies produce exclusively for export. The part of manufacturing industry augmented from 18 % in 1996 to 40 % in 2007.

Between Tunisia, European countries and other countries there are contracts of promotion of the investment, contracts of protection and convention of double taxation.