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Site Tunisia

Tunisia is a country with great potential for competence and innovation.

Enjoy a growing market of the future

ConnexTrading is your guide for opportunities of investment in Tunisia
ConnexTrading estimates to be a bridge between both coasts of Mediterranean Sea, between the Orient and Occident, between Africa and Europe.
It is also the objective of the president Ben Ali to makes this Mediterranean space, a model of cooperation, of solidarity and of mutual assistance in the international level.
In Bilateral Trade Relations, Tunisia is a leading trading partner of the European Union (EU) in the Mediterranean region, and 30 th worldwide.
In the Action Plan EU-Tunisia on the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) Tunisia is invited to enter into political relations, security, economic and cultural more deepened with the EU.
This provides for greater cooperation, more financial assistance and an opportunity to enjoy closer relations with Europe – will bring real benefits to both parties.
The implementation of the Action Plan will reinforce the bond, which is already high, between Tunisia and the EU on the basis of mutual commitments and promote intra-regional cooperation.
Tunisia invites you to participate with your investments in a booming market of the future.
Invest in a market which guarantees you many advantages in a country full of promises:

  • Political Stability
  • Geographical proximity
  • Economy liberal, diverse, competitive, outward and continuous growth
  • Transparency, competition and competitive pricing
  • Debt limited and balanced finances
  • Inflation under control

Investment opportunities in Tunisia

International real estate investors coming from various countries of the Golf, Europe and Asia, to invest in Tunisia.
They had chosen Tunisia for the implementation of mega projects due to its geographical position, proximity to Europe And its political stability, the availability of a workforce and the incentives offered by the government.
Several megaprojects are being built. There will be skyscrapers housing apartments and offices, several theaters and cinemas and hotels will be built.
Technological and medical districts, designed to attract the world leaders of these sectors.
The presence of commercial services, tourism and industrial areas will also be also accomplished.