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Opportunities in Libya

The successes of German and European enterprises established in Libya in recent years demonstrate excellent business opportunities. Libya is financially solid and requires large needs of investment. After years of political isolation that kept Libya away from western markets, Libya is undergoing a period of reconstruction. The speed of economic reforms has been accelerated. Faced by a clear bureaucratic situation in Libya after decades of deficits and economic planning, German and European firms need to show some patience. Any firm able to face this cultural aptitude and be able to offer technologies and know how, is able to conclude contracts with Libya markets that are currently less distributed, however, these markets represent one the most solvable sale markets in the world. The normalization of political relations with the west since 2004 and the progressive opening of the market have been fruitful. The state has markedly increased its hard currency reserves and may rely on these reserves for a long period of time.

Entry to the Libyan market

Growth Sectors

Envisaged Investments


Water Supplies

Rail ways

Planning of a regional railway in Tripoli

Building Industry

Construction of a highway

Renewing and repairing the Oil infrastructure

Renewing the pipeline networks

Energy generation through Gas turbine

Chemical Industries

World eco region

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