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The proposed investment includes the enlarging and the renewing of the electricity network including a better integration with the Egyptian and Tunisian networks.

Libya relies on Gas for the production of electricity. Until 2015, natural gas must entirely replace the use of diesel and other sources of energy in all electric plants.

It is planned to increase till 2010 the electric capacity of the country to reach 8.000 MW with 3.5 billion US $ to be invested.

La vision de l'électricité du désert devient réalité

The vision of electricity of the Dessert becomes reality.

Centrale électrique solaire future dans le désert libyen

Future solar electricity plant in the Libyan dessert

The gigantic project plans to establish million of solar cells in the Sahara.

With renewable energies of around 500 MW (wind and solar energies must be sustained till 2020. For this 2.6 billion US $ to be invested)

Return in Opportunities in Lybia