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Nice to see in Libya

Libya has not only oil and gas but also a very long history. For more than 4000 years, a lot of cultures different forms appeared in this country.

Because of the strategic geographical position of Libya, since antiquity, there war several different worldwide potency which conquered the country.

This rich history has left diverse traces.There have never been other cultural zones where the monuments and the ruins have remained intact as those of ancient Libya.


His archaeological sites and museums are renowned for a tradition that is uniquely rich and diverse. One main reason to discover the country is to visit the most significant excavations of the Phoenician and Roman period in Sabratha and Leptis Magana (declared world heritage by the UNESCO) in Tripoli and be seduced by the magnificent monuments.

Ruins of LEPCIS MAGNA, Libya.

This is the image of the theatre of the ancient city of Leptis Magna by the Mediterranean cost close to the modern city of Al khum in Libya. This huge archaeological site is located 200 km east of the capital Tripoli.

Vue de l'extérieur de l'amphithéâtre romain détruit à Leptis Magna, en Libye

Viewed from outside the destroyed Roman amphitheater at Leptis Magna, Libya




Les vestiges de la basilique romaine de Leptis Magna, Libye

The remains of the Roman Basilica of Leptis Magna, Libya




Le chemin de Leptis Magna, Libye

The route of Leptis Magna in Libya




Marché de Leptis Magna, Libye

Market of Leptis Magna in Libya


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Sabratha is located west of Tripoli in one of the most beautiful places on the Libyan coast.

Vue d'aujourd'hui, sur les ruines de la ville de Sabratha

Current view, on the ruins of the city of Sabratha.

But during the Roman domination, the city as a commercial centre is an economic port city of flowering.

Théâtre de Leptis Magna

Theatre of Leptis Magna

It recognizes the maturity of a man, in which measure he can laugh on himself!


Le magnifique théâtre de Sabratha

The Magnificent Theatre of Sabratha






Temple de Sérapis, Sabratha

Temple of Serapis, Sabratha





Forum du Sud-temple, Sabrath

Forum of the Southern-Temple, Sabratha


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Tripoli – OEA

The geographical location of Tripoli played an important role in the history of Libya. Since the beginning of the first millennium before JC , the Phoenician pioneers and tradesmen visited the region of Tripoli and founded Sabratha, OEA and Leptis Magna as commercial centre of the region.

La route romaine qui traverse le long d’Africa et passe par l’Arc de Sévèrus en direction de Tripoli

The Roman road which crosses along Africa and through the Arch of Severus towards Tripoli.







Le château de Tripoli, connu sous le nom Assai Al-Hamra

The castle of Tripoli known as Assai Al-Harmra




Tripoli, capitale de la Libye

Tripoli Capital of Libya

Tripoli is one of the most beautiful cities along the Mediterranean


Cathédrale Romaine dans le centre de Tripoli

Roman Cathedral in the centre of Tripoli



Tripoli, une vue de la côte méditerranéenne

Tripoli, a view of the Mediterranean coast


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Magic Sahara

Is it possible to have the paradise on earth?

N’y a-t-Il pas de plus beau que cette nature magique?

There has never been anything more beautiful than this magic nature. With this occasion, we will not fail to inform you that Libya has also a splendid Saharan paradise. We discovered the booming cities and oasis as well as the impressive traces of ancient times and recent history while crossing the Cyrenaica region. Discover a fascinating country between the Sahara and the Mediterranean!

Mer Gabroon dans les dunes de Ubari / Libye

Wed Gabroon in the dunes Ubari, Libya

Oasis Um EL Maa, Libye

This is the UM El Maa oasis, Libya.

The beauty of this Lake Mandera cannot be described. It seems that this is a view of the afterlife





We always say that paradise is in heaven, is it possible that we did not notice it on the earth?





With what can we compare this vision?  with the door of paradise, or the eye of a beautiful nature? Oh, God and Creator, how are you genial and excellent!


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Association des dunes, d'eau et de verdure

The Association of dunes, water and greenery in this perspective, does not make us doubt the power of God






The view of sand dunes all along the cost of Oum Al Maa is of an intoxicating beauty. You cannot see more beautiful sights than this. There are many more lakes like this one in the region Erg Ubari, Libya.





Le lac Oum el Maa en Libye

Oum el Maa Lake, Libya.






Le lac Oum el Maa en Libye

From nay perspective, we see Oum El Maa; the image remains always fascinating and sublime.





Roches de Tadrart, dans l'extrême sud-ouest de la Libye

Rocks of Tadrart, located in the farthest south-west of Libya.


Safari de chameau en Tadrart

Camel Safari in Tadrart

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