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Geographical position of Libya

With a total area of 1.775.500 km², Libya ranks 4th in Africa and 17th worldwide in terms of the area. (Area wise Germany and France together have an area of 900.819 km ²).

1.500.000 km ² of the total area of Libya are covered by Sahara sand. This means that the area of Libya is 2/3 Sahara and 1/3 steppe. The Mediterranean coastal strip is the most populous in Libya.

In winter, temperatures range between 5 and 25 °C. Rainfall is regular. During the summer season, the cost comes under the influence of the desert. Thus, the temperature ranges between 20 °C and 50 °C. Rainfall is rare.

The humidity of the Libyan Desert amounts to 5-10% and the maximum temperature of the soil reach 70 °C.

Position géographique de la Lybie

Coordinate: 10º O – 25º O / 20º N – 33º N
Area : 1759540 km²
Cost: 1.770 km
Countries and Borders Algeria: 982 km,

Chad: 1.055 km,

Egypt: 1.115 km,

Niger: 354 km,

Sudan: 383 km,

Tunisia: 459 km

Lowest point: Sabkhat Ghuzayyil -47 m
Highest point: Bikku Bitti 2,267 m

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