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Means of transport to Libya

By air

The National Airlines in Libya is Libyan Airlines,

Direct Flights from Frankfort, Amsterdam and Vienna to Tripoli.

Several other airline companies fly to Tripoli including British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Point-Afrique and Turkish Airlines.

Air ports
Tripoli International Air port (TIP): 35 km South of the capital Tripoli. Bus and taxi Transport to and from downtown Tripoli.
Metiga Airport: Some Airline companies use this small airport in Tripoli
Bernina Air port (BEN): 19 km from the city of Ben Ghazi.
Sebha (SEB): 11 km from the city of Sebha
Sea Transport Twice a week there a voyage from Valetta (Malta) with Libyan Ferries Valletta (Office: Valetta, phone number (+356) 21 25994235).The majority of passengers use maritime lines from Genoa (Italy) in Tunis (Tunisia) then by sea routes they join Libya.
Trains: PNo international train connections
Buses / Cars

The main Bordering Countries :

Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Niger, Soudan,Tchad
Exchange rate : 1 Euro € = 1,8 Lybian Dinar
Credit cards: In Tripoli and Benghazi, it is possible to withdraw money from Masraf al-Tijara Watanmiya using Visa Card. Hotels in Tripoli and Benghazi accept Visa Cards.

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