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International Assistance

————————————————————————————————- Business Assistance Support Activities ————————————————————————————————-

Don’t you have time, nor the means to carry out certain tasks? ConnexTrading has been created to assist companies to outsource some tasks or ConnexTrading has a network of partners to achieve under the best conditions:

  • Research of projects and of opportunities of investment
    • Creation of new projects
    • Resumption of existing projects

  • Research of Business-partners
    • Associates / shareholders
    • Subcontractors

  • Research of suppliers
  • Research of customers
  • Research of financing
  • Research of buildings

  • Representation of the companies in the administration
    • Central Bank
    • Tax authority
    • Agency of promotion of industry
    • Duty

  • Representation of the companies in the banks
    • Assistance in the opening of accounts
    • Assistance in the negotiation of conditions
    • Assistance in the repatriation of the capital and the dividends

  • Representation of the companies to the customers, suppliers and

Creation of companies and preparation of the legal files

  • complete legal File during the creation of the company
  • Updated legal file :
    • for an increase/reduction of capital
    • for a change of management
    • for a change of head office

  • Piloting of the establishment and management of the project

Activities of support ConnexTrading is equipped with a qualified manpower to ensure certain logistic tasks which you do not wish to carry out by your own means in a preoccupation with an optimization.

  • Bookkeeping
    • Entering accounting documents
    • Development of the financial statements
    • Relation with the Auditors
    • Realization of work of Inventory

  • Preparation of statements
    • Tax
    • Customs,
    • Social security

  • Realization of audit missions
    • Audit of subsidiaries
    • Audit of sites

  • Assistance in the management of the personnel
    • Recruitment: interviews, preselection …
    • Career Management