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Studies and consulting


  • Realization of feasibility studies
  • Development of Business Plan
  • Financial engineering and optimization of structure of the balance sheet
  • Market research and marketing studies
  • Development of requests of bank credits
  • Organization of companies
  • Study of fiscal management
  • Evaluation of companies


Realization of feasibility studies

The decision to invest is an irreversible decision to ensure your first choice, of the standing of the sector chosen, the means implemented compared to the required means,

ConnexTrading will take the task to make the feasibility study of your project

  • Having a database economic relevant, ConnexTrading will make a study on the sector which you chose for the launching of your project and will give you an internal and external complete analysis, will study the implementation, the perspectives, the threats and opportunities…

  • Based on technical data, ConnexTrading develop different scenarios and sensitivity tests to ensure the profitability of your project

Development of Business Plan

As part of launching or of development of your plan, ConnexTrading is the most asked firm to help you to develop your business plan.

ConnexTrading will assist you as for

  • Working out your competitive positioning and the study of your force and weaknesses, threats and opportunities
  • the definition of your strategic directions according to your positioning and the means in your possession
  • To identify the areas of improvement offered to optimize the utilization of the resources and to increase the results
  • To establish the financial diagnosis of your company through a complete retrospective financial analysis
  • Undertake the diagnosis of your human resources and of your organization
  • Stop your business forecasts and of expenses
  • To determine your estimated profitability according to the assumptions selected

Financial engineering and optimization of structure of the balance sheet

Financial engineering constitutes a competitive advantage of ConnexTrading in regard to the professionalism and the experiment of its partners in this field with high added value.

For this reason, ConnexTrading will carry out for you the following tasks:

  • The thorough diagnosis of your company from the financial point of view in the objective to determine its strong points and its weak points and to fix an action plan to consolidate its financial bases and to correct its insufficiencies.
  • Development of a realistic business plan which will be the base of the financial optimization of the structure from the top of balance sheet of your company and its evaluation by the methods of future flows.
  • The analysis of your company to determine the potential sale price of the share capital of the business.
  • The financial arrangements allowing to the company and to its shareholders to optimize its financial structure, to finance with the lower costs its investment plans or its extension plans, to identify diagram of financing of activity with a determined structure of capital and with a minimum of own capitals.
  • The financial reorganization of the companies in difficulty by identifying viable restructuring plans in the long term and allowing the rehabilitation of the business.
  • Assistance in the resumption of a company in difficulty in order to carry out its reorganization and to carry out an appreciation during its transfer.
  • Assistance in fusion-acquisitions, the identification of synergies between the companies to be merged and the determination of a diagram of optimal financing of fusion.
  • Assistance in the transfer of businesses and identifying a potential buyer-manager subject to certain shareholders.
  • Mastering the geography of social capital by maximizing the power of control with a minimum contribution of equity.

ConnexTrading also has extensive know-how especially in financial restructuring through a thorough knowledge of tools and mechanisms for restructuring the high balance

ConnexTrading will assist you to identify resources that can constitute a solution for your problems of financial structure

Market research and marketing studies

You do not know your market? ConnexTrading is there to assist you to better identify it. ConnexTrading will for this reason help you to:

  • Develop studies for customer satisfaction
  • Develop market research for launching new products
  • Determining market share

Development of requests of bank credits

ConnexTrading is very well connected with several banks in the region.

ConnexTrading will assist you in the development of your requests for financing and the negotiation with the banks, to set up in term of:

  • Amount
  • Rate
  • Commissions
  • Warranties
  • Procedures for unblocking
  • Imputation of credit

Organization of companies

Do you want to organize your company? ConnexTrading is there for:

  • The definition and development of procedure manuals
  • Assistance in the establishment of a structure and organization
  • assistance in the identification, acquisition and the installation of an information system based on specificities of your company
  • Assistance in the establishment of the following functions:
    • Function general accountancy
    • financial Function,
    • Function management control,
    • Function management accounting,
    • Function human resources
    • Function administrative business

Studies of fiscal management

ConnexTrading helps you in the optimization of your tax management. ConnexTrading will make you discover tax incentives envisaged by the regulations in force and will help you to profit from it

Evaluation of companies

You can profit from the know-how of ConnexTrading in business valuation and in this context:

  • Acquisition
  • Fusion/absorption
  • Privatization
  • Acquisition of a holding
  • Transfer of companies
  • Exchange of participations
  • Transmission of companies